Saturday, April 27, 2013

Monday, April 1, 2013


Despite the reading you have shown me today, I promise to work harder each and everyday. Weighing yourself and falling below your expectations is a result viewed in your reflection. Mirror..mirror go away, you are not my friend today. I ponder on all the things I've done right, then remember everything I ate that added pounds to my weight. Maybe I don't understand my anatomy or not having a realistic goal is defeating me.

One day at a time, no matter what the sun will continue to shine. I will not allow this scale to control my smile, but I will work at loving me, for the real me. I just want to be healthy and reward my effort to look the best I can. I believe success starts with a plan, a plan towards a great new man. I've lost over 11 lbs and counting, becoming more active has been an attractive thought, but found in the proof is weight loss is an ability we can all touch in a positive way. Medically for some people who have a problem with weight loss, still fight to have a healthy heart. Today can be your start.....

Cheers to a healthier life style and making positive decisions that yield a better YOU.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Star Searching ~SP~

The next time you look up at the stars and wonder where life will lead you, remember who is in control of your life. YOU! Never forgot that each day we rise, life presents to us choices to make that ultimately dictate the direction of our wind. As you may know the wind is able to change its course of direction at will, so why can't we? Instead of investing time in the past, our failed paths and poor choices made, why not give life to new roads waiting to be cemented? Now I find myself in control of each decision I make, searching for the best choices and not being satisfied with any CHOICE, but the right choice. I control the direction of my wind, now you must control yours!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Don't cheat yourself!

Don't cheat yourself out of the success, happiness and peace of mind you deserve. Life provides in it the tools for us to attain. Through attainment keep in mind sacrifices must be made, commitments must be met and time must be managed. You control your destiny, why not make your journey worthwhile!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Don't Create A Monster!

Emotional control is vital for personal growth. To be able to sort through and understand a vast amount of emotions, one must be willing to challenge "SELF". The closer you become to understanding "Who you are?", happiness will become more attainable on a daily basis. Do you want to be happy? Are you willing to over come self doubt? It's important to feed our positive emotions with a self awareness in recognizing the things that make us happy. Recognize the people who make you smile, the things you do that put a smile on your face and the dreams you sleep with at night that bring peace to your heart. Don't create a monster! When you feed emotions with negativity, fury or without a soul you are creating a monster within. A monster feeding on every nerve, vein, bone, brain, physical well-being, emotional and mental health. A monster that feeds on pity, anger and loss of confidence. A monster that will essentially take over your state of mind and grow as much as you allow it to.

Emotional control is vital for personal growth. Understand your emotions. What has created your emotions? Something good or bad? A memory, experience or sentiment? It's alright to feel down, express yourself to others you trust and release the pain. Allow negative emotions to exit your system. Find your support group. A relative, friend or anyone you know that you feel comfortable around to speak with at any time. Emotions will challenge us everyday. The key is to determine who will win today's battle? You or your emotions? When your emotions get the best of you, stop, breathe and gather yourself. Life is more than a frown. Don't create a monster! Live. Love. Laugh.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Thank you to all my followers for being a part of  Simply Poetic.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


We live in a society and world that challenges us on a daily basis. Rising above each and every obstacle thrown our way may feel overwhelming at times. We ponder questions like "Do I have the strength, courage or will to fight"? Ability to win and soar tomorrow? Sometimes life travels at a pace where we find it hard to catch our breath. We wonder what challenges are next to conquer? Can I ever catch a break? Why me? Life isn't fair? But learn to accept these obstacles. Life is about making adjustments and learning to acquire the answers unknown to us today. If tomorrow is within our grasp, then we have learned what today's obstacles have allowed us to achieve. A foundation only remains solid if the right ingredients are cemented together. Rise above yesterday's failure, today's confusion for clarity tonight. Wake up tomorrow and look at everything you set your eyes on with a different view. You will slowly start to see that if you rise above all, life through new heights presents a clear road map towards success, happiness and peace. RiSe.